Your Broome Accommodation Options

Broome is a colorful tropical land that grew out of a somewhat seedy pearling town. Brothels and opium dens once lined the streets of this multicultural frontier town, but eventually it began to transform into the spectacular tourist draw it is today.

Broome’s stark contrasts between red rock and white sand, hot desert and cool water, and modern resorts and ancient dinosaur footprints are enough to attract both the everyday tourist in search of rest and relaxation and the intrepid explorer in search of adventure and excitement. If you are looking for Broome hotel accommodation, you have plenty of options from which to choose.

The weather in Broome tends to be pleasant regardless of the time of year you schedule your visit. Temperatures are mild from autumn to spring, and winters are warm, with highs hovering around 29 to 30 degrees Celsius.

Broome has a wide range of furnished rooms, hotels, lodges, resorts, and eco-resorts available. Basic hotel rooms start at an extremely affordable AU$99 a night, while beachfront hotel rooms begin at just AU$249 a night. Many accommodations are within walking distance of Broome’s major attractions and beaches.

Eco-tourists may enjoy the luxury of Broome’s famed eco-resorts that minimally impact the environment with their array of tents, solar-powered villas, and beach houses. Visitors can enjoy stunning views of the cobalt Indian Ocean or enjoy a drink at their ocean-front bars.

Of course, you can also choose to stay in Moonlight Bay Suites. These self-contained rooms overlook the renowned Roebuck Bay’s Staircase to the Moon and allow you to enjoy swimming pools and spa and barbecue facilities for just over AU$100 a night.


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