What is Ultimate Travel in Australia?

Millions flock to the shores of Sydney annually to explore such well-known Australian must-dos as the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and more. Others trek into the Red Centre for a look at Uluru, while still more head towards the gem-like waters off Cairns to take a dip over the Great Barrier Reef. What, though, is the ultimate travel in Australia? Is there a single travel adventure that is quintessentially Australian?

It is virtually impossible to sum up a single, ultimate Australian travel experience. The country is enormous, about the size of the mainland United States, and cannot be properly explored in a single, quick visit. Australia is known for its smooth beaches, cosmopolitan cities and rugged outback. Organizing your travels to include a little of each can help you enjoy some of everything the country has to offer during your visit.

Bondi Beach may be one of the most popular beaches in Australia, but the country is home to thousands of other amazing beaches, including Wineglass Bay in Tasmania, Cable Beach in Western Australia and Surfer’s Paradise in Queensland. Most beaches in Australia can be enjoyed in a multitude of ways, from swimming and surfing to sailing and sunbathing.

The majority of Australians live along the coastline in well-developed cities. Each of Australia’s major and capital cities has its own distinct flair. While Sydney may be known for its Opera House and laid-back beach-lover’s vibe, Melbourne is more known for its cool sophistication and artistic temperament. Pick one city or several to explore in-depth. Check out the arts scene, go shopping, try a variety of new and unfamiliar foods, and learn about the history of the city.

After you have combed the surface of Australia along the coastline, it’s time to head deep into the outback. The Kimberley may be amongst the most well-known outback locations and is assuredly amongst the most beautiful. The Kimberley has been called one of the world’s last great wilderness areas. Visitors can explore lush waterfalls, deep gorges, intricate caves and verdant rainforests bursting with life.

While it may be virtually impossible to enjoy everything Australia has to offer in a single visit to this spectacular country, you can get a taste of its rich diversity by planning your trip in advance and enjoying the best of everything it has to offer.


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