Trojena: Saudi Arabia’s Futuristic Mega-Tourist Destination

Carved into the Sarawat mountain ranges, the futuristic mega-development named Trojena is set to become Saudi Arabia’s top tourist destination.

Scheduled to be completed by 2026, the major development project is part of NEOM, the country’s multi-billion-dollar smart city, and will be powered entirely by renewables.

Blending natural and developed landscapes, the development will be centred around a precision-engineered mountain-top lake which will provide the setting for water sports and outdoor events.

The world-class destination will house six different development districts centred around “tailored experiences that blend real with virtual architectural and engineering innovations..

Trojena will span approximately 60 square kilometres and will be comprised of a vertical village, Saudi Arabia’s first outdoor ski experience, a luxury wellness centre, resorts, shopping, dining, luxe housing and more.

From December to March, visitors and residents will be able to enjoy Trojena’s winter activities including skiing, snowboarding and ice skating, while in “Adventure Season” from March to May, visitors and residents will be able to partake in mountain biking, paragliding and yoga retreats.

A vital element of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s NEOM project, Trojena will become a year-round tourist destination from the future.

The Vault

Acting as the main gateway into Trojena, The Vault will be a folded-vertical village where you’ll find bespoke experiences set in a valley with its own microclimate. Filled with lush greenery and water features, The Vault will offer experiences where “reality and imagination” are combined.

Source: NEOM

The Observatory

Capturing sweeping views of the mountain ranges in the day and the star-lit skies at night, The Observatory will be positioned just south of The Vault and will offer entertainment and dining.

The Observatory at Trojena
Source: NEOM

The Bow

Located in the atriums of Trojena’s man-made lake will be a “hidden world” with large adaptable spaces. The Bow will host concerts, sports, entertainment, events and nightlife and will also house a five-star hotel, high-end residences and restaurants.

The Bow at Trojena
Source: NEOM

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