This $15 winery secret is like Italy, but cheaper

The vineyard was the creation of Robert Lusby, a vascular surgeon who realized he couldn’t be in the medical profession his whole life. So, he started to look around for life after surgery.

Sons James and John told me Robert would often take the whole family on holidays to various wine regions around the world. Napa Valley probably isn’t as exciting as Disneyland for young kids, but the education has certainly paid off in spades.

Since Robert’s retirement, both sons now run all operations at Tintilla. What started off as a hobby for Robert has now turned into a very successful operation.

The property is stunning. Sitting on the balcony, enjoying your tasting and looking out over the vines and olive trees, it’s easy to feel you could be in Tuscany. Of course, the kangaroos hopping up and down through the vines puts a swift stop to that fantasy. Kangaroos and all, it’s a beautiful Australian oasis and much cheaper than a flight to Italy.

Tastings start at $5 for four wines or if you’re like me and believe more is the merrier, you should go for the VIP tasting, offering eight wines, a selection of estate-grown produce such as olives and fig jam, and local Binnorie cheddar. All that for just $15. Not too shabby at all.

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