The Traveller in Australia

From the moment you step off the plane as a traveller in Australia, you will find yourself in what seems to be an entirely different world. Australia is a land filled with remarkable creatures, spectacular landscapes, and a heady mix of glittery cosmopolitan cities and a vast and virtually untamed outback. What is it like to travel to Australia?

Do you like your adventures rough? The Outback awaits. This vast land spreads out like a tapestry embroidered in rich ochres, deep crimsons, and brilliant indigos, resulting in a virtual orgy of beauty. Lose yourself in Aboriginal cultures, or find yourself at the base of Uluru or amongst the Devil’s Marbles. Head towards Katherine Gorge for a different kind of Outback adventure, where you can kayak through deep gorges or trek through rain forests. It’s all there in the Australian Outback.

Do you enjoy driving through a country so that you can stop and see the sights on your own schedule? Australia has rolling countryside, wide-open spaces, and the Great Ocean Road, as well as many other picturesque routes ideal for a road trip. Stop off for a bite and a drink at a quaint pub, or settle in for the night in a cosy bed and breakfast or boutique hotel. Stretch your legs by bushwalking, cycling, or skydiving all along the way. See the country at a more leisurely pace, and discover Australia on your own terms.

Do you like to spend all your time getting to know a single city or region intimately? You have come to the right spot! Australia’s major cities such as Melbourne have plenty of tourist attractions, but they are also filled with lesser known sights and venues just waiting to be explored. There is truly something for everyone and every taste. You could spend days, weeks, or even months here and still find something new and fun just around the corner, from a tucked away café to a trendy vintage clothing shop.


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