Switch Over to the New Way of Flying with Samson’s Switchblade

While many companies have touted flying car prototypes, very few have been able to obtain all the required approvals to bring their concepts to the road. Now, after 14 years of development, Samson’s sky-high dream is finally becoming a reality. Since receiving Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval in July, the team has been gearing up to undergo flight tests.

Source: Samson Sky

The company’s flying car called the Switchblade converts from a two-seater car into an airplane in as little as three minutes. The new three-wheel toy is street legal and can be registered as a motorcycle in many localities, according to the company.

The maximum speed on land is up to 201 km/h while up in the clouds it can hit as high as 322 km/h. With the touch of a button, the tail swings out from behind the larger pusher prop while its wings move out from beneath the cabin.

The Switchblade can generate 190 horsepower with its three-cylinder, 1.6-liter engine, and when ready for take-off, you will need roughly 335 meters of runaway and only 213 meters of landing space. The aircraft takes standard unleaded 91 fuel and fits into a regular garage, taking up about as much room as a family sedan.

Source: Samson Sky

However, it won’t be all smooth flying following the purchase of your US$170,000 (roughly A$246,500) toy as you will still need to build it. Yes, that’s right, the aircraft will be sold in an aircraft kit which is said to take over 2,000 hours to build at home.

In time, the company will also have constructed a Build Assist Center where owners can make use of the “pro build team” allowing the Switchblade to get built in around a week. Once built, it is time for a face-lift: whack on some paint and finally get it approved by the FAA for experimental aircraft registration.

Lastly, you will need to visit the local DMV for your license plate. So, if you have your private pilot license you’re all set and ready for take-off, while a standard driver’s license is all that’s needed for driving on land. 

Source: Samson Sky

Of course, the Samson Switchblade isn’t the first flying car to be approved. Earlier this year, Klein Visions’ Aircar received the green light, but the more we hear about these sorts of technologies, we can’t help but get excited for what the future has in store.

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