Slow Travel: The Newest American Scenic Railway Journey

In the golden era of travel, the journey was almost more important than the destination. Travellers boarded ships and hopped onto slow steam trains that could take weeks, and even months to reach a destination. While the modern world has resulted in faster journeys, many of us long for the indulgence and glamour of slower-paced travel. This is what the Canadian train line, the Rocky Mountaineer is all about. Having been providing luxury scenic railway journeys around Canada for years, the train line has just released its first route through the United States.

Joining the existing three Canadian rail offerings through Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper, the newest route runs between Denver and Utah, taking in the spectacular mountain and desert landscapes of this region. Let’s introduce you to Rocky Mountaineer’s Rockies to the Red Rocks Journey.

Image: the spectacular red rocks landscape seen on route Source: Rocky Mountaineer
Image: choose to begin or end your train journey in Denver, Colorado Source: Visit Denver

The Rocky Mountaineer offers travellers a choice of directions, with options to extend their stay in the start or end destination. The Rockies to Red Rocks Journey takes travellers on a journey through breathtaking canyons, desert landscapes, natural archways and into some of the most interesting cities in the US.

The difference between the Rocky Mountaineer and other scenic train lines is that travellers do not sleep on the train. Instead, they are taken to a local luxury hotel each evening. This is designed to ensure that guests have the opportunity to take in all of the scenery during the day and not miss any spectacular sights while they sleep. It also means that no one experiences an interrupted sleep due to the rocking of the train and guests feel refreshed when they hop back on board in the morning.

Travellers are seated in comfortable armchair style seats with wide dome-like windows for optimal viewing. Each train car also has its own outdoor viewing platform where you can really immerse yourself in the passing scenery.

Image: dome-like windows on the Rocky Mountaineer Source: Rocky Mountaineer

The Rockies to Red Rocks journey offers travellers a choice between SilverLeaf and SilverLeaf Plus services. These two luxury options include all food and drink, with the SilverLeaf Plus including an additional meal course and access to an exclusive cocktail lounge. Instead of classic dining cars, food and drinks are brought to your seat and tray table with scheduled meals and on-demand drinks.

On the Rockies to Red Rocks journey, the menu’s feature ingredients from the local regions the train passes through. This might look like local seasonal vegetables paired with Colorado bison, elk and venison charcuterie and sweet treats from the local Aspen Baking Company.

The Rockies to the Red Rocks scenic railway journey has just opened with 40 departures between August to October 2021. The full season schedule is expected to be open for 2022.

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