Six Sharp Moncler Puffer Jackets to Keep You Toasty This Winter

French-founded, Italian owned Moncler makes a huge variety of chic jackets and other snow apparel | Source: Shutterstock

Winter 2022 will always be remembered as the year that the ski villages of Switzerland were filled with iconic Moncler down puffer jackets.

Gerard Butler, Naomi Campbell and Drake have all been spotted out and about in the stylish winter jacket. Known for their quality construction and premium materials, a Moncler puffer is a solid option for keeping warm when the temperature plunges.

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Collaboration has been central to the company’s ethos for a long time, and designers such as JW Anderson, Craig Green and Dingyun Zhang have all contributed to the brand’s current popularity.

Indeed, the Italian firm is no stranger to working with the very best in the business, often enlisting the help of the most influential figures in art, culture and fashion when designing new collections and garments, such as US hip-hop producer Pharrell Williams.

In fact, the Moncler Genius collection releases the fruits of this collaborative effort monthly, with guest designers putting their own individual spin on puffer jackets, pants and even pooch wear.

With exclusive collaborations becoming part of the brand’s language, we’ve found the most desirable Moncler Jackets to try and squeeze into your already full winter luggage.

Maya 70 by Palm Angels Jacket

Palm Angels was started by Moncler’s very own Francesco Ragazzi, who cut his teeth as an intern at the company before becoming creative director. Drawing inspiration mostly from the West coast of the US, particularly areas like Venice Beach, the label’s work with Moncler introduced the iconic fibre optic covered Maya 70 jacket.

Although it may be difficult to picture the wearer descending a black diamond run, the jacket allows for almost complete mobility and wears just like any one of the label’s other puffer snow jackets. The effect of all those fibre optic strands is one of a glowing, glittering, yet boldly striking look. It’s the perfect winter look for a nighttime fireworks show over the snow covered landscape.


Maya 70 Jacket By Pierpaolo Piccioli

Italian designer Pierpaolo Piccioli, creative director of Valentino, collaborated with Moncler on this distinctively constructed down puffer jacket. Calling into question the very definition of what a winter jacket is, each panel of down used in this Maya 70 Jacket is attached with fabric knots to the other panels.

More of a statement piece than a jacket made for serious skiing, the silhouette of the garment is perhaps where its appeal lies. Wear if you dare, but make sure you have planned ahead with some extra warm thermals.


Maya 70 Jacket by Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams is known for his eclectic style and is often seen attending the hottest fashion shows decked out in designer labels. It seems his love affair with haute couture extends beyond the occasional shopping spree.

When he helped Moncler create a Maya 70 winter jacket, it seems functionality and a distinctively understated, clean look were what he was aiming for. Targeting the streets of Paris or Milan as spaces where his jacket would find devoted fans, William’s Maya 70 has a detachable hood, drawstrings and plenty of waterproof pockets.


Maya 70 Jacket By Giambattista Valli

A collaboration between Italian-owned Moncler and one of Italy’s most highly regarded design exports was always going to be interesting and Giambattista Valli’s impressive design skills have made for some memorable garments.

His Maya 70 Jacket stands out amongst Moncler’s collaborative efforts with its disruptive composition that pangs of decadence and makes a bold statement. The feathered insides of a padded jacket have been inverted and exposed, hanging from the exterior and turning the idea of a puffer jacket on its head.


Moncler Grenoble Bernin Jacket

If you’re after the Moncler look but are also keen to hit the aprés nightlife after a long day on the slopes, then this Bernin jacket from Moncler’s Grenoble brand will have you looking sharp and sophisticated. Being a Moncler jacket, protection from the chilly alpine wind is front and centre of its design and included padded mitts come in very handy when fumbling for your camera.

A thick hood with fur detailing keeps you warm and cosy and a selection of pockets are useful for when you need to carry extra items. Stand out against the snow in black or olive colour schemes.

Moncler Grenoble Bernin Jacket
Moncler Grenoble Bernin Jacket, A$3,420 | Source: 24s

Moncler Criss Cross-Print Puffer Jacket

Moncler is not only known for high quality winter wear, but also for offering garments that look good with anything. The big shapes and boldly minimalistic colour palette of 1990s ski wear are displayed by this cross-hatch black and white puffer jacket.

Making sure that you not only stand out in a crowded ski field but that you also when you shed layers for the obligatory post-ski session hot chocolate, Moncler also makes a matching mountain wool jumper, with the colours inverted.

Moncler Criss Cross-Print Puffer Jacket
Moncler Criss Cross-Print Puffer Jacket, A$3,590 | Source: Modesens

Parisian style has been greatly admired over the last few years in particular, thanks in no small part to Netflix’s runaway hit, Emily in Paris. Now that everyone is heading back to the office, it’s definitely a good idea to start your hunt for the perfect office outfit.

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