Simple Aussie question baffles visitor

The first thing she points out to fellow Brits in the clip? Learn the road rules.

“We were ignorant when we moved here, we thought that because Aussies drive on the same side of the road as us, the road rules would be the same. They’re absolutely not.”

She says a simple parking move that would have been a-okay in the UK landed them a $100+ fine.

Picture: Yasmin Bright / Instagram
Picture: Yasmin Bright / Instagram

She was also blown away by the amount that Australians earn for jobs in retail and hospitality.

“I was shocked when I moved here and got my first job and saw the hourly wage for working at Zara,” she explains.

“Compared to the UK you can earn good money here in these jobs”.

However this brings Bright to her fourth point.

“The supermarkets in Australia are so expensive compared to the UK.

“Sometimes I go into the Australian supermarkets and wonder how on earth things are that price. Things like fresh fruit are so expensive in Australia … a bag of grapes is $9?!”

Yasmin couldn't believe grapes cost $9. Picture: Instagram / Yasmin Bright
Yasmin couldn’t believe grapes cost $9. Picture: Instagram / Yasmin Bright

The influencer, who has 74K followers on Instagram also bemoans Australia’s slow internet and confirms that “barbecue culture is real”.

“I thought this was going to be a huge stereotype,” she says in the clip that has been viewed by over 90K people.

“Before the pandemic I was being invited to about two barbecues a week. And there are communal barbecue stations at the beach and in the park. You can have huge barbecues in public?!”.

A hot tip from an Aussie? Massive barbecues in public spaces are heaps of fun, until you look at the state of the barbecue plate you are about to cook on
A hot tip from an Aussie? Massive barbecues in public spaces are heaps of fun, until you look at the state of the barbecue plate you are about to cook on. Picture: Yasmin Bright / Instragram

Finally she comes to the topic that trips up many international visitors: Aussie slang.

She recalls a simple question in a restaurant that had her and her partner scratching their heads.

“Me and my boyfriend were at a restaurant and the waiter came over and said “how are you travelling?” she says in the clip.

“And I was like ‘I … guess by car?’ 

“My boyfriend thought he was asking if we were here in Australia travelling and he responded ‘no, we’ve moved here”. 

In another video, Bright and her boyfriend sampled a selection of “traditional Aussie snacks”.

That's breakfast sorted
That’s breakfast sorted. Picture: YouTube / Yasmin Bright

Arnott’s Shapes, Solo soft drink, Mint Slice biscuits, Tim Tams, Coles Lamington Fingers, Scotch Finger biscuits and, of course, Vegemite were among the snacks sampled.

“I’ve literally never heard of Twisties in my life,” she says.

The Mint Slice biscuit got rave reviews (correct) “they get a 9/10, they’re fantastic” as did Solo, which was given a 10/10.

At one point they sampled Vegemite on a Pizza Shape, a move that should technically have gotten them deported.

No more visa for you. Picture: YouTube

Lamington Fingers were labelled a surprisingly good “dark horse”.

Initially they felt that Twisties smelled “like feet” but eventually they came around, and declared them to be the king of Australian snacks.

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