Sheep heart video: Farmer’s touching tribute to aunty amid NSW lockdown

A way for a NSW farmer to pay tribute to his much-loved Aunty has gone viral after being shared by The Weekly Times.

Farmer Ben Jackson from Guyra in northern NSW created a video of a sheep making a heart formation to pay tribute to his Aunty Deb Cowdery, who recently passed away.

He wasn’t able to get to Queensland to say goodbye due to Covid-19 border closures.

“I feel a bit hopeless here on the farm, but I wanted to show my love somehow,” he said.

“I know there are lots of people in worse situations, but it’s still painful. I hope Aunty Deb peeked out from the clouds and could see it from up there.”

The video has been viewed more than 450,000 times on The Weekly Times’ Twitter, as well as more than 735,000 times on the Good News Movement Instagram page and more than 30,000 on

He has also appeared on all major Australian news channels and the video has been shown on news sites in other countries.

“I didn’t in my wildest dreams envisage what has happened. The way it has reached a lot of people and touched them, I am blown away,” Ben said.

“It is mind blowing, seldom do you see the internet so in unison for support, and it goes to show a lot of people are doing it tough.”

But as overwhelming as the attention has been, Ben said he did it purely “as a tribute” to an Aunty he loved dearly.

Ben has made similar videos and different shape formations during the drought, but said this time it took him a couple of goes to get the heart right as it was harder to see where to put the feed when there was grass in the paddock.

Before posting it Ben showed it to his family, who all “loved” the tribute.

Set to the song Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon and Garfunkel, Ben said it was one of his Aunty’s favourite songs and remembers it being played “on repeat” on a couple of car trips.

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