Rule for wearing masks on a plane in Australia has us scratching our heads

To be fair, scrambling to make regulations in an ever-changing Covid world must be a bit of a nightmare for rule-makers.

As one of our favorite Instagrammers Sooshi Mango has continually pointed out, it can be a bit of a shemozzle and sometimes the rules don’t seem to make much sense: 

A rule that was picked up by Twitter user @mattiecamp today is the latest head-scratcher.

“This could be my absolute favorite Covid rule of all time,” he wrote, sharing a mask rule outlined on the NSW Covid Safe website.

The point in question was the rule that all people over the age of 12 must wear a face mask on an aircraft when the aircraft is flying above NSW.

People were … incredulous. When somebody said “this cannot be real” @mattiecamp responded “I could not have made up something this good” and linked to the NSW Govt website where the rule is there in black and white.

The responses have been thoroughly entertaining:

Picture: Twitter
Picture: Twitter

It seems NSW is not the first state to have introduced this rule:

Another Twitter user pointed out that the mask rule is actually one of the milder aviation frustrations to come from Covid:

Picture: Twitter
Picture: Twitter

Whether this rule is the sort of thing that is going to be enforced remains to be seen (will the pilot make an announcement as you cross state lines?) We did enjoy the person who asked whether you could take your mask off for a brief reprieve when flying over the ACT. 

What a bananas time to be alive.

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