My First Trip to Australia

This is my first trip to Australia. I had a lot of high hopes on my flight to Australia, a lot of dreams. I didn’t know what to expect, but I really wanted this holiday to be something special.

It’s funny how most times your experiences don’t really live up to your expectations. My trip so far, though, has been everything I’ve hoped for and more. Firstly I landed in Sydney, which is noted for beautiful, balmy weather and sunny, sandy beaches. I could have spent forever there, soaking up the relaxing atmosphere or enjoying the whirlwind of its nightlife, but there’s so much more to Australia than Sydney.

Driving along the Great Ocean Road was an eye-opening experience. It’s actually a war memorial, built by Australian soldiers and dedicated to the casualties of World War I. If the spectacular views weren’t enough to make the Great Ocean Road worth driving, the romantic history of the road itself is. Shipwreck Coast, for instance, is said to be responsible for more than 50 tragic wrecks, and is a sobering, if lovely, stretch of coastline along the road.

Later, I visited the Clare Valley wine district of South Australia. Clare Valley is about 130 kilometres north of Adelaide and is known for its Riesling and Shiraz. Savouring a glass of Shiraz was truly the very definition of luxury, but the entire wine tasting experience was simply amazing. Biking through Australian wine country on the Riesling Trail gave me a bit of much-needed exercise, too.

In Adelaide, I discovered the “city of churches.” Adelaide is the capital of South Australia, but it was once a sanctuary for Germans seeking refuge from religious persecution. Many of those cultural influences are still visible today. The North Terrace colonial stone buildings were impressive, while Adelaide Central Market was home to some of the best cafes I’ve experienced yet.

What will my trip bring next? I can’t imagine! Australia has brought me so many wondrous adventures and surprises that each new leg of my journey has been better than the last.


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