Locating Cheap Flights to Melbourne

If you are looking for affordable flights to Melbourne, Australia, you are in luck as there are a plethora of travel websites offering deals throughout the year. Melbourne and Sydney are the two of the most well-travelled cities in the country, and flights into these cities are often quite reasonable. When it comes to comparing the two, however, which is cheapest? As it turns out, the price difference between flying into Melbourne and flying into Sydney is quite small.

For example:

• Flights from Gold Coast to Melbourne range from $117 for the starter class to $547 for the business class.
• Gold Coast to Sydney flights range from $97 to $434.
• Alice Springs to Melbourne flights range from $289 to $1,307.
• Alice Springs to Sydney flights range from $299 to $1,539.
• Darwin to Melbourne range from $187 to 1,288.
• Darwin to Sydney range from $244 to $1,659.
• Canberra to Melbourne range from $119 to $699.
• Canberra to Sydney range from $104 to $569.

Melbourne in some cases is less expensive, but in other cases may be pricier. Ultimately, most travellers will do their best flying into the city most convenient to their final travel destination.

Melbourne Airport is bustling with more than 20 million flying into and out of it every year. An average of 200 flights arrive and depart daily. Melbourne Airport is the second busiest airport in the country and the busiest when it comes to international exports. Just 23 kilometres from the centre of Melbourne, it offers plenty of travel options for its visitors.

This popular holiday destination is a cosmopolitan whirlwind of activity with much to offer in the way of dining, adventure, nightlife, and accommodations. You won’t have a moment to spare from the time you land until the time of departure, unless, of course, you choose to relax on the beach or visit one of its many luxurious boutique spas instead.

As with other airfare, you will often locate your best deals by shopping well in advance of your intended travel dates, comparison shopping, and being flexible. Be willing to consider flights earlier or later in the day or on other days of the week, and try not to discount flights with layovers or stops in other cities. After all, the most affordable distance between two cities is not necessarily the shortest.

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