Grim reality of NSW’s Yarrangobilly Caves thermal pool revealed on TikTok

Surrounded by scenic national park and once dubbed the natural pool no one has told you about, this hidden slice of paradise is in the Snowy Mountains.

Known as the adventure playground, the Yarrangobilly Caves thermal pool is a magical swimming spot that’s fed by a spring 1km below the surface.

Sitting at around 27 degrees all year round, it’s the pool for all seasons — and boy does the crowds know it.

On a recent visit to the once-secret swimming spot, TikTok user Lena made the mistake of visiting the natural pool believing it was pretty untouched.

Snowy Mountains
Thermal Pool at Yarrangobilly in the Kosciuszko National Park. Picture: Dylan Robinson

But after a three-hour journey, Lena shared her horror at finding that she — along with everyone in Canberra — had made the trip for a swim in the thermal pool.

“I saw this picturesque, bountiful, beautiful paradise on Tik Tok and thought I would go there,” she shared in a story.

“Little did I know … it would cost me three hours out of my way in the middle of nowhere with no reception.”

After following another car down a lonely dirt road, Lena was *almost* at the pool. However, on arrival, she realized a further 700 meters had to be traversed on foot.

“I had no idea what I had gotten myself into,” she said.

The pool is absolutely no hidden gem
The pool is absolutely no hidden gem
The pool is absolutely no hidden gem
The pool is 27 degrees all year round

“As I got closer to this untapped paradise it felt more like a public pool. All I can think about is how many people have peed in here.

“So thanks brain for ruining paradise … overall I give the whole experience four out of 10.”

It’s not hard to see why the thermal pool has become a popular hangout. After the swim, there are plenty of trails to do some exploring – especially on a crisp winter’s day.

The pool is absolutely no hidden gem
The pool required a 700 metre steep hike
The pool is absolutely no hidden gem
The pool is absolutely no hidden gem with groups of people everywhere

Lena’s experience was met with similar stories, with many saying they will no longer “waste time” with the trip.

“If you see hidden gem on social media, it’s not hidden,” one commented.

“Thank you for the realistic experience.”

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