Everything You Should Know About Exploring Katherine Gorge

About 300 miles north of Darwin lies a part of Australia exceptionally rich in wildlife, with picturesque rock walls and spectacular waterfalls where rivulets gouged their way through rock creating what is now known as Katherine Gorge. Katherine Gorge located in the Nitmiluk National Park is a world-renowned system of 13 gorges in total.

Visitors can explore Katherine Gorge by boat, canoe, or even helicopter. Swimming or walking can bring an even closer look, giving guests of Katherine Gorge a thrilling peek at the freshwater crocodiles and, during the wet season, their larger saltwater cousins, and unusual birds, and the other creatures that call this amazing place home.

The dry season in Katherine Gorge runs from April to October, bringing with it quiet waters ideal for idyllic canoe rides or easy swimming. Several boat cruises of varying lengths can get you from here to there with ease. The wet season brings more active waters, and though your options for exploring the waters of the gorge may be more limited, the stunning rapids more than makeup for it.

Katherine Gorge and Nitmiluk National Park are owned by the Jawoyn Aboriginals and offer the opportunity to study Aboriginal culture and history along with rock art. More than 100 kilometers of walking trails wind through the rainforests, sandstone plateau, swamps, woodland, and rivers of the gorge. Some trails take just a few hours, while others can take a full five days to traverse.

If a visit to Katherine Gorge is on your agenda, it is important to keep in mind that swimming and canoeing are limited during the wet season between December and April, but walking, boating, and flights are still available. Entry to Katherine Gorge is free.

Nitmiluk National Park may be off the beaten path for many visitors to Australia, but exploring Katherine Gorge provides its own rewards. Whether you enjoy a three-and-a-half-hour boat cruise during the wet season or spend a week walking and canoeing the gorges during the dry season, Katherine Gorge will provide you with the adventure of a lifetime in what is undoubtedly one of the loveliest spots in the country.

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