Everything You Need to Know About Vaccine Passports

The key to future international travel is the vaccine passport. With international travel in Australia slowly but surely returning, the concept of a vaccine passport will become part and parcel of future overseas holidays.

Launched on October 19, the International COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate is now available through the Medicare website or Express Plus Medicare app.

The certificate is available to those who’ve had at least one dose of an approved COVID-19 vaccine and have a current Australian passport or a foreign passport with an Australian visa. In practice, the certificate will become a standard part of interstate and international travel and will need to be presented along with your passport on future travels.

Image: International COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate | Source: ABC

Fortunately, obtaining your vaccine passport is free and easy once you’ve had at least your first COVID-19 vaccine dose. To get your certificate, you’ll first need to make sure your Medicare account is connected to your MyGov account. Or, you can obtain the certificate through the Express Plus Medicare mobile app. All you need to do is select the ‘proof of vaccinations’ button and press ‘request certificate’. It’s that simple.

After you’ve obtained your certificate, you can save a digital copy in the app or in your files to have handy on your phone. It’s also important to ensure your middle name in the passport details on your Medicare account match your passport details.

Once you’ve got your vaccine passport, you’re ready to finally go on that long overdue overseas holiday. To read up on the essential booking refund and cancellation policies ahead of your next trip, check out our The Australian Travel Buyer’s Guide to Flight Refunds and Cancellations and The Australian Buyer’s Guide to Accommodation Refunds and Cancellations.

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