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Are you looking forward to a scheduled holiday Down Under? Australia is known for its vast expanses of land, idyllic beaches, and scenic highways, and fun is likely your number one priority. Safety should be just as high on your list of priorities, however. You can still be safe while living on the edge.

Where are you headed: cosmopolitan Sydney, distant Alice Springs, the exotic Whitsunday Islands, or the rain forests of Tasmania? Even though you are virtually guaranteed a thrilling adventure, you will need a reliable resource to help you get the most out of your holiday trip. You won’t need to waste time rifling through travel pamphlets and guides when you have a website like Travel Safely in Australia just a mouse click away.

Travel Safely in Australia provides you with valuable tips and insights on making the most of your time in the country and staying safe.

Tips include:

• Rules of the road
The government reminds travellers that Australians drive on the left side of the road, and the law mandates that seatbelts be worn. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol has serious penalties. Drivers should also take frequent rest breaks to avoid driving while overtired.

• Driving in remote areas
Roads in remote areas may be unsealed or sealed. Use caution on unsealed roads, and keep your headlights on. Drivers in remote areas should also be prepared with a spare tyre and other supplies. Finally, drivers should watch for road trains, wildlife, flooding, and other potentially hazardous situations.

• Wildlife and nature
Being prepared is crucial when it comes to heading into the outback. Plan your trip in advance and bring water, maps, a first aid kit, and other items you may need. Avoid touching or feeding any animals you encounter.

Travel Safely in Australia publishes links to more information about safe travel and ideas on what to do once you arrive. You can never have too many great ideas for your Australian holiday, so check out the site today to learn more about your options for travelling Australia safely.

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