Darren McMullen visits Tim Adams Wines in Clare Valley

Do you know what’s better than great wines? It’s great wines paired with a really fun cellar door experience. That’s what I found at Tim Adams Wines, 130km from Adelaide, near the town of Clare in South Australia.

You probably won’t need me to tell you that the name Tim Adams is synonymous with premier wines, but if you’d like a second opinion listen to the authors of The Ten Apostles: Stories of Australia’s Iconic Winemakers, David Aylward and Paul Ashton. (Seriously, guys?  You couldn’t find 12?)

Tim is one of their chosen few “beacons in a bleak landscape” of Australian winemakers. Now, that’s harsh and I have major reservations about that verdict, but I’d rate  Tim (pictured below) in my top 10  any day.

Tim Adams Wines is a family-owned and operated winery in Clare Valley

Tim’s cellar door offers several experiences, including simply sitting fireside or on the deck with a glass of wine and a cheese platter. If you’re feeling adventurous, however, follow my lead. Hire a bike and head for the Riesling Trail.

This former railway line, now converted for use by cyclists and hikers, just happens to lead alongside the vineyards. Seven minutes of peddling to Tim Adams Wines is rewarded with a flight of single-vineyard wines perfectly matched with artisan cheeses from the Smelly Cheese Shop.

Another 20 minutes’ ride takes you to the legendary Sevenhill Cellars for fortified wine and chocolates. Finally, cruise – downhill, mercifully – to Mr. Mick’s for tapas and more wine. Might take an e-bike next time, though.

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