Curiocity Brisbane is 5km of fun for free

But the emphasis on science is important. We need more young scientists, undoubtedly, but we also need to explore what can be done when artists and scientists collaborate.

I’ve got the perfect experience for you and the family to get the scientific and creative juices flowing. Curiocity Brisbane, curated by Jay Younger, is back after a March postponement due to the floods and sees the city turned into an oasis of science and art from June 24. The exhibition is presented by Queensland Museum Network as part of the city’s annual World Science Festival Brisbane programming, planned for the school holidays.

Baidam Tithuyil by Brian Robinson, part of Curiocity Brisbane
Baidam Tithuyil by Brian Robinson, part of Curiocity Brisbane

There are some 20 Curiocity artworks, both physical and digital installations (think giant bird nests and a robot’s stream of consciousness) that bring scientific concepts to life, designed by artists, scientists, engineers, designers, students and storytellers, and spread across Brisbane’s popular South Bank and cultural precinct. It’s designed as a very easy 5km walking trail, so it’s a chance to enjoy the excellent Queensland winter climate and, more importantly, it’s free.

Curiocity Brisbane artworks will also be brought to life through a series of workshops and talks with the artists, and the Curiocity Schools Challenge, which has enabled students to create and collaborate.

At South Bank’s Riverside Green, you can see Georgie Pinn’s Oche/Echo, a part interactive sculpture, part giant storyteller, which uses live generative animation, high-end facial capture technology, and projection-mapped storytelling, designed to put the viewer right into the narrative.

Kirsten Baade's Luminous Threads in Curiocity Brisbane
Kirsten Baade’s Luminous Threads in Curiocity Brisbane. Picture: Ingrid Baade

Kirsten Baade has made a beautiful installation, Luminous Threads, for Queensland Museum’s Whale Mall, much loved by kids and adults alike, that combines craft, specifically embroidery, with fiber-optic technology. Imagine a beautifully illuminated cross-stitch of Australian floral motifs.

Other artworks pair electronic music with the mating call of frogs, filmmaking with DNA extraction (this one just needs to be seen), and ocean biology and science fiction. Night of the Nerds on Saturday, July 2 at the Powerhouse, hosted by Mark Humphries, is a battle of the minds with two all-star teams of scientists, tech heads and funny people battling in a nerd showdown. 

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