Cruise the Sea in These Luxury Five-Star Pods

Delivering luxury smooth sailing, these sea pods have just revolutionized the hospitality industry.

A bit different from your average Airbnb, the motorized hotel suites will allow you to cruise the high seas from the comfort of your own room.

Founder of Lazzarini Design Studio, Pierpaolo Lazzarini, has reimagined luxury stays in the form of an emissions-free floating pod.

Luxury Five-Star Pods
An artists’ render of the pods | Source: Lazzarini Design Studio
Luxury Five-Star Pods
Smooth sailing is ensured with an advanced GPS and stabiliser system | Source: Lazzarini Design Studio
Luxury Five-Star Pods
With a range of suites, the pods will be equipped with everything you need for a luxury overnight stay | Source: Lazzarini Design Studio

Watch the high seas cascade around you as you relax inside deluxe interiors. Roughly seven meters in length and with an interior of 22-square meters, the Pearlsuite pods are generously proportioned and configured for a penthouse-worthy stay.

And don’t fret about safety; the pods are to be fitted with electric motors, autopilot GPS positioning systems, and a gyroscope stabilizer system. What’s more is that they are self-contained and fully autonomous, complete with solar panels to power air conditioning, lighting, and electrical appliances..

Lazzarini Design Studios are famed for their radical innovations in the automotive and yachting world, delivering a range of projects spanning from aerospace technology to cyborg cars.

Prices for the Pearlsuites will vary according to the specific pod, with the highest reaching A$400,000, complete with a fridge, TV, bed, and private outdoor deck. There is also ample storage space in the pod’s hull for gear and equipment.

For those who have high standards of luxury living and also a love for the ocean, the Pearlsuite pods may be exactly what you are looking for in your next holiday.

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