Budapest’s Matild Palace Opens as New Luxury Hotel Matild Palace

Constructed in 1902, Budapest’s Matild Palace recently reopened as a luxury hotel as part of Marriott’s Luxury Collection Hotels and Resorts.

Built during the Belle Epoque era, Matild Palace was commissioned by Princess Marie Clotilde of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha to serve as the social hub of Hungary’s capital city. As part of two identical baroque palaces, the Matild and Klotild palaces were built to stand proudly by the Danube river and act as a gateway to the ‘Pest’ side of the city.

Now, after five years of refurbishment, the historic building has been revitalized to once again serve as the social hub of the city only this time as a 130 guest room luxury hotel.

While the 120-year-old palace now sports a more contemporary look, its Hungarian heritage charm remains throughout the refurbished hotel. Floral ornamental ceilings, chandeliers, fishbone parquet floors, stained glass windows, and gilded railings all nod to a flourishing Hungary during the Belle Epoque era.

Vice President of Marriott’s The Luxury Collection, Philipp Weghmann said in a statement that the transformed UNESCO-listed Matild Palace will define the destination of Budapest.

The property allows our guests to realise the fantasy of living within in a royal palace, elevated with modern amenities and impeccable service, and we look forward to welcoming them as they discover this timeless and inspiring city.

Philipp Weghmann, Vice President and Global Brand Leader of The Luxury Collection

Boasting 111 elegant guest rooms and 19 palatial suites, Matild Palace exudes regal opulence while referencing its 120-years of history through vintage furniture and a spa-inspired by traditional Hungarian wellness. The heritage site will also offer a coffee house that nods to the palace’s original cafe named the Belvarosi cafe which dates back to 1901 and was the first cafe to reopen in Budapest after WWII.

Image: Lobby of Matild Palace | Source: Marriott International
Image: Matild Cafe and Cabaret | Source: Marriott International
Image: Historic staircase in Matild Palace | Source: Marriott International

During WWII, both buildings were destroyed with the Klotild palace bearing the brunt of the damage. After external restorations in the late 60s, the palaces were declared historic monuments in 1977.

Before Marriott’s renovation of Matild Palace, the historic building withstood years of neglect alongside its adjacent twin. However, Klotild Palace will soon join Matild in all its refurbished glory with the palace set to become a St. Regis in years to come.

The transformed Matild Palace is set to open mid-October this year. A deluxe room with a king bed is priced at around A$580 per night while the top floor loft king suite, with sweeping views of the city, is priced at around A$1,420.

Image: King Matild Guest Room, around A$580/night | Source: Marriott International
Image: Matild Palace tower | Source: Mariott International
In the lobby, there is a library with an extensive collection of books about art, travel and more.

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