Booking Your Return Flights To Sydney

Sydney’s Kingsford Smith International Airport is considered the oldest commercial airport in the world. Located just a few kilometers from the central business district, all your cheap return flights to Sydney, Australia will land here. The airport is well-appointed, with duty-free shops, casual dining, cafes, shopping, and convenient currency exchange, and you’ll have ready access to several forms of public transportation.

Although airfare to Australia tends to be pricey, you can always get great deals whether you are flying from the U.S. or Europe. Comparison shopping is generally the best way to get good prices, but you may also be able to cash in your frequent flyer miles or take advantage of last-minute deals directly through the airline.

The flight from Los Angeles to Sydney is just over 15 hours on average, and airfare starts at $900 and goes up to $3048. Flights from London to Sydney are around 22 hours and start at $869. Taxes and government fees can be several hundred dollars and are generally included in these prices. However, other fees may not be. These fees can include baggage fees, air transaction fees, cancellation fees, card service fees, and fees associated with package, hotel, or vacation deals. It is crucial that you read the fine print on any deal in which you are interested.

The flight to Sydney is a long one regardless of where in the world you are flying from. Flights from Europe will often stopover in Asia, giving you a chance to stretch your legs, kick back, and relax. Flights that originate in the U.S. will generally stopover in Los Angeles before continuing to Sydney, although some may stopover in Hawaii as well. You can see stopovers as an unwelcome delay, or you can take advantage of them as a minibreak or a bonus holiday.

International flights generally arrive at Kingsford Smith’s Terminal 1, but you should check with your airline to confirm both your terminal and time of arrival. You should complete your passenger immigration card and be familiar with the items you are required to declare upon arrival.

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