Atlantium is the international country you can visit right now

If you like a microbrewery or a tiny house, you’re going to love a micronation. Especially this one, which sits 300 kilometers southwest of Sydney and is roughly twice the size of the Vatican but half of that of Monaco. Specifically, it sits in Lachlan River valley, about midway between Crookwell and Cowra.

Altantium was founded in 1981 by Emperor George II (nee Cruickshank) and a couple of mates to be the planet’s  “foremost aspirant extraterritorial, transnational, intercultural, panarchist state.” We don’t really understand exactly what it means – aside from the fact that the mission statement is only semi-serious.

On the ground the ‘nation’ has its own Government House (the Domus Aurea), post office, and 13-foot tall pyramid monument. The slice of the undeveloped countryside is home to kangaroos, wallabies, goanas, wedge-tailed eagles, echidnas, and if you time your visit right, the Emperor himself will show you around.

Government House Atlantium.
Government House Atlantium.

So far, over 2000 people have decided to become Atlantium citizens and if you don’t want to go that far there is a bunch of merch -bank notes, coins, flags – on sale to commemorate your visit.

So, how do you make a visit (and a cracking yarn to tell afterwards) happen? Well, the whole nation is on Airbnb. But it comes with some caveats.

First up, you stay at Government House which is equipped with a gas fridge, stove and BBQ facilities, kerosene heating, solar-powered lighting and a solar-powered induction cooktop, microwave, toaster, music system and reverse-cycle air conditioning. The bathroom includes a waterless composting toilet. An outdoor shower is also available.

Atlantium also has the confidence of a state that you visit on its own terms. It warns potential visitors that it is “surrounded by untamed grasslands and forests that are filled with all sorts of wildlife – including insects, spiders, snakes, lizards, birds and marsupials. If you cannot cope with this, we strongly advise prospective visitors NOT to book with us.”

The bush paradise of Atlantium.
The bush paradise of Atlantium.

Mobile coverage is also pretty much non-existent and there is zero internet access. To quote its Airbnb site: “If you need to make a call you will need to walk 50 metres through the long grass to the top of the hill and stand on the ‘phone rock’ while facing east. If being technologically bereft and uncontactable sends you into fits of apoplexy, please do NOT book with us.”

Still on the subject on things not to expect when you visit Atlantium, be warned that “We do not provide a concierge service. We do not carry your bags for you. We cannot provide you with transportation to local attractions or public transport hubs. We are not a hotel or motel. If you require that level of service DO NOT book with us. There are plenty of Airbnb hosts who will be happy to charge you $400 a night for the privilege of wallowing in luxury. We are not them.”

The tariff for Atlantium sits at $195 per night and after 39 reviews on Airbnb, it sits at an impressive 4.57 star rating among travellers who genuinely yearn for something different. Just make sure you double-check the dates as Atlantium has its own calendar – obvs. For May 5, 2020, you’re looking at 17 Quartus 10539.

This article originally appeared on Escape


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