200+ Words on Your Guided Tour of Outback Australia

Many people who are attracted to the untamed wilderness of the outback of Australia choose to take guided tours. While this may seem the easy way out, it means that you are guided by an expert in what can be a very inhospitable territory.

If you are new to Australia it can be the safest option. The tour company will do everything for you, from arranging the transport and food to selecting Alice Springs hotels and accommodation.You can rest safe in the knowledge that all the planning has been done by somebody who knows the area and the best places to go.

The other benefit is the local knowledge – guide books can be dry and difficult to follow. Having a local person as a guide opens up a whole new world to you, and you learn the geography and history of a place through personal experiences and anecdotes rather than printed and often hard to follow explanations.

They will also be able to make the flora and fauna come alive and you will learn so much more from that one person than if you had read a thousand guide books. In short, if it is your first time in the Alice Springs area, you could do worse than to place yourself – and your trust – into the hands of a local expert.

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