The Next Big Thing in Accommodation

Australia attracts millions of visitors from around the globe every year, and its options for accommodations are nearly as diverse as its guests. Business travellers, tourists and others can choose from hotels of all quality levels, bed-and-breakfasts, motels, hostels, furnished apartment rentals and camping. Each of these meets a specific need and provides clear benefits for visitors. However, a new option has recently sprung up on the horizon: travel websites.

Travel websites make it possible to book nontraditional accommodations, such as private homes or rooms, online. Travellers can scroll through all available properties quickly and easily and narrow down their options based on their needs, the number of travellers in their group and their budget. These sites cater to a specific type of traveller but hold a broader appeal to business travellers, young couples and individuals who are travelling alone.

Unlike traditional accommodations options that focus solely on booking hotel rooms and similar accommodations, travel websites such as StayMyPlace, HomeAway and Airbnb bring together property owners and renters to create a mutually beneficial arrangement. Relative newcomers to the industry, HomeAway and Airbnb have been creating quite a bit of buzz in the world of travel. While industry insiders are concerned about these innovative companies cutting into hotel profits, consumers and property owners alike seem to be finding a new way to meet their mutual needs. Property owners have empty apartments or rooms and a need for income while travellers need a warm, comfortable place to stay. It seems like the perfect partnership, but is there a catch?

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Why Book Serviced Apartments in Sydney over a Hotel

bathroom in Sydney apartment

Your bathroom experience in your Sydney serviced apartment.

When one comes to Sydney, they’re looking at the location they want to stay in. Some may want a place right by the beach so they can enjoy the surfing and swimming opportunities that are available. Others may prefer an apartment in the heart of downtown Sydney, so they can be right in the thick of the action of Sydney’s central business district.

There are also some who prefer a quieter pace of life and would enjoy a much more comfortable setting in a leafy neighbourhood in the greater Sydney area.

Now, all these options you might not get if you book a hotel. A hotel could be far away from the location you had in mind or it could be right in the middle of an area you wanted to avoid. When you book your Sydney serviced apartment, you can choose your location and this is something you are rarely able to do when booking a hotel.

A hotel might be in an area that has nothing to offer outside of its own amenities, or, if you prefer a quiet stay in a hotel, it may be right in the middle of a noisy area. There is also the added convention of staying in a hotel that may be too crowded for your liking.

Many of the fully serviced apartments in Sydney are in perfect locations for whatever you are looking for, whether it be Sydney’s world famous beaches for some excellent surfing and swimming, the downtown harbour area that offers magnificent views of Sydney’s waterfront and also has some exciting nightlife that can be enjoyed, or if you’re looking to be removed from the Sydney scene, then there are apartments in the greater Sydney area that cater to a gentle and more peaceful way of life.

There are limitless options to choose from when looking for a serviced apartment in Sydney and you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for in one of the world’s most idyllic settings.

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You Are One Click Away from Australia Travel

Sydney CBD skyline from Botanic Gardens

Sydney CBD skyline from Botanic Gardens

Endless stretches of silky beaches, rich rainforests, glittering coastal cities and broad expanses of red desert beckon to the millions who visit Australia every year. You are just one click from the holiday of a lifetime, and you can simply as you begin to make your travel plans. Planning ahead can help you get the most out of your travels.

Visa Requirements

If you are not an Australian citizen, planning ahead means researching visa and customs requirements. Anyone who is not an Australian or a New Zealand citizen must carry a valid passport, a valid visa and a completed Incoming Passenger Card. Arrivals who lack these documents may be delayed until their identity can be confirmed.

Planning Your Holiday

Planning is often nearly as exciting as the holiday itself. Where will you go? What will you do? When you are planning a holiday in Australia, the possibilities are virtually endless. Trek through the rainforest, dance the night away in one of Sydney’s trendy clubs, relax on the sun-warmed beaches or indulge in a cultural feast as you visit some of the top art galleries in the country. The Internet can often be your best friend when it comes to planning your Australia travel.

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200+ Words on Your Guided Tour of Outback Australia

The native bird, the Australian Galah, in the outback red.

The native bird, the Australian Galah, in the outback red.

Many people who are attracted to the untamed wilderness of the outback of Australia choose to take guided tours. While this may seem the easy way out, it means that you are guided by an expert in what can be a very inhospitable territory.

If you are new to Australia it can be the safest option. The tour company will do everything for you, from arranging the transport and food to selecting Alice Springs hotels and accommodation.You can rest safe in the knowledge that all the planning has been done by somebody who knows the area and the best places to go.

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Escaping to Sydney, Australia

Arriving on your flight into Sydney can be great for the eyes.

Arriving on your flight into Sydney can be great for the eyes.

Sydney is an adorable metropolis, with an impressive landscape of steep cliffs, white beaches, green national parks and an unspoiled nature. Sydney is also the home of world renowned icons such as the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The Aborigines were the first who polished and produced stone tools, burned their dead and painted and engraved images of themselves, as well as of animals. Up until today, they maintained a highly developed culture, religion, history, art and code of conduct, which is wide-spread in Sydney.

The arrival of the First Fleet in the 18th century had a significant impact on the community of the Aborigines. With social structure, dominated by egalitarianism, the Aborigines prevented their attempts at resistance to the new settlers. Furthermore, the English refused to recognize their legal rights to the land. Thus, many of Sydney’s original inhabitants were either killed, expelled or died of unknown diseases.

On the recommendation of explorer James Cook, who was already there in 1770, the fleet anchored in 1788 in Botany Bay under the command of Captain Arthur Phillip. At that time, the vessel carried 730 male and female prisoners on board. Finally, after the settlers arrived at Sydney Cove, the city of Sydney was able to spread.

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What is Ultimate Travel in Australia?

A great photo of an iconic world bridge, Sydney Harbour Bridge

Is seeing this bridge the ultimate in Australia travel?

Millions flock to the shores of Sydney annually to explore such well-known Australian must-dos as the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and more. Others trek into the Red Centre for a look at Uluru, while still more head towards the gem-like waters off Cairns to take a dip over the Great Barrier Reef. What, though, is the ultimate travel Australia? Is there a single travel adventure that is quintessentially Australian?

It is virtually impossible to sum up a single, ultimate Australian travel experience. The country is enormous, about the size of the mainland United States, and cannot be properly explored in a single, quick visit. Australia is known for its smooth beaches, cosmopolitan cities and rugged outback. Organizing your travels to include a little of each can help you enjoy some of everything the country has to offer during your visit.

Bondi Beach may be one of the most popular beaches in Australia, but the country is home to thousands of other amazing beaches, including Wineglass Bay in Tasmania, Cable Beach in Western Australia and Surfer’s Paradise in Queensland. Most beaches in Australia can be enjoyed in a multitude of ways, from swimming and surfing to sailing and sunbathing.

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Your Travel Connections in Australia

The most photographed structure on the planet

Travelling to Australia to See What? The Most Recognised Building in the World?

How long do you have to spend on holiday? Australia is a country that is 7.7 million square kilometres that are filled with sandy beaches, vast deserts, brilliant cities and dense rainforests. When you are travelling Australia, prioritizing your desires and interests is essential to getting the most out of your visit. Whether you want to see cities, country, beach or outback and explore history, nature, architecture or wineries, you have a lot to do, and it is time to get started.

Although you can speed through a visit to Sydney or one of Australia’s other capital cities in just a few days, to really explore, you will need a bit more time. Knowing what you want out of your trip can help you better organize your holiday schedule. Each city has its own must-see destinations. For example, Sydney is well known for its Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Visitors to Sydney also enjoy visiting the Royal Botanic Gardens, surfing off Bondi Beach, grabbing fish and chips at Doyles, and exploring the history of the city in The Rocks.

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Locating Cheap Australia Domestic Flights

Sydney CBD and harbour from above

The view from your domestic flight into Sydney

Domestic flights in Australia can be quite expensive and can often take up the largest part of your holiday or business travel budget. Cheap Australia domestic flights still offer great service whether you are headed to Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, or Hobart. Book your flights here to the destination of your choice to get the lowest price possible and have plenty left over for your favourite holiday activities.

Your first step in saving on domestic airfare should be researching for the best deals. Ticket aggregators are often a great resource for price comparisons. The best sites are those that are ad-supported since they are less likely to add a surcharge to your final cost. Another reliable way to get good deals and up-to-the-minute information about discounted flights and sales is to follow the major Australian airlines on Facebook and Twitter. Booking directly through the airlines when they announce a sale can often get you the lowest price without added surcharges and booking fees.

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You Want To Travel In Australia Cheaply?


Road sign in the outback of Australia

There is plenty of open raod to discover in Australia.

Cheap travel in Australia is entirely possible if you know where to look and how to do it. Even travellers on a strict budget can find affordable accommodations and low-priced activities across the country. Whether you plan to spend your days lolling on sunny beaches, sightseeing in the cities, or trekking across the outback, you can do it without breaking the bank.

Your biggest travel expense will likely be airfare and accommodations. If you book these together, you may be able to save a bundle. Are you planning a long-term stay in one area? Consider renting a furnished apartment, which will provide you with all the comforts of home at a fraction of the price of a hotel room. Are you travelling from place to place? Hostels are often quite inexpensive and comfortably appointed. Check reviews on travel sites to locate the best deals. Will your budget stretch a bit further, or do you have a family? You may instead prefer mid-priced hotel rooms or enjoy the adventure of exploring in a campervan.

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A Story Of Travel Through Australia

Travel through Australia and make sure Cairns is on your itinerary!

The town of Cairns is the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef.

A country known for the brilliant blue waters of the Great Barrier Reef, the stunning red of Uluru, and the incredible natural diversity of its rainforests is bound to become one of the top travel destinations in the world. Travel through Australia on your next holiday to discover some of the most stunningly beautiful wonders of the world along with some of the most amazing man-made architectural wonders. Whether you choose to spend all your time in the cosmopolitan cities along the coastline or head directly into the outback, one thing is certain: You are destined to have the time of your life.

Although Australia may be half a world away, you will not have to break your budget to holiday there. Airfare can often be found quite affordably, particularly if you schedule your flights during the off season or fly to major or capital cities and plan your trip in advance. Accommodations can also be found very inexpensively, whether you choose to stay in a hostel or hotel or rent furnished apartments for more long-term stays.

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Booking Your Return Flights To Sydney

View of Sydney harbour, the Opera House and Cicular Quay

Booking return flights to Sudney is never difficult when you know you are going to this harbour again.

Sydney’s Kingsford Smith International Airport is considered the oldest commercial airport in the world. Located just a few kilometres from the central business district, all your cheap return flights to Sydney, Australia will land here. The airport is well appointed, with duty-free shops, casual dining, cafes, shopping, and a convenient currency exchange, and you’ll have ready access to several forms of public transportation. Click here for more detailed information on the return flight to Sydney you may well be looking for.

Although airfare to Australia tends to be pricey, you can always get great deals whether you are flying from the U.S. or Europe. Comparison shopping is generally the best way to get good prices, but you may also be able to cash in your frequent flyer miles or take advantage of last minute deals directly through the airline.

The flight from Los Angeles to Sydney is just over 15 hours on average, and airfare starts at $900 and goes up to $3048. Flights from London to Sydney are around 22 hours and start at $869. Taxes and government fees can be several hundred dollars and are generally included in these prices. However, other fees may not be. These fees can include baggage fees, air transaction fees, cancellation fees, card service fees, and fees associated with package, hotel, or vacation deals. It is crucial that you read the fine print on any deal in which you are interested.

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Booking Your Flights Australia

View of Sydney harbour from your window of your flight.

Arriving into Sydney Mascot airport on your Australian bound flight.

Why do you want to go to Australia? The wide-open spaces, red sands, and vast cloudless skies of the incomparable outback draw many in search of awesome adventure. The vibrant nightlife, busy shopping districts, and art galleries draw just as many visitors to Australia’s multicultural cities along the coastline. Still more are drawn to the dingoes, platypuses, kangaroos, kookaburra, and other unique wildlife found only on this continent. Booking your cheap flights to Australia can bring all this and more within your reach.

Australia is the ideal sun and surf location, with most of the country receiving an estimated 3,000 hours of sunshine every year. More than 12,000 kilometres of coastline provide plenty of quiet spots for swimming, surfing, or sunning. Airline travel is necessary for going virtually anywhere in the country, but every capital and major city has its own airport, and flights can often be purchased as a part of a package deal or booked along with accommodations.

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Locating Cheap Flights to Melbourne

Flights into Melbourne, the cosmopolitan city of Australia.

Melbourne and it’s beauty.

If you are looking for affordable flights to Melbourne, Australia,  you are in luck as there are a plethora of  travel websites offering deals throughout the year. Melbourne and Sydney are the two of the most well-travelled cities in the country, and flights into these cities are often quite reasonable. When it comes to comparing the two, however, which is cheapest? As it turns out, the price difference between flying into Melbourne and flying into Sydney is quite small.

For example:

• Flights from Gold Coast to Melbourne range from $117 for starter class to $547 for business class.
• Gold Coast to Sydney flights range from $97 $434.
• Alice Springs to Melbourne flights range from $289 to $1,307.
• Alice Springs to Sydney flights range from $299 to $1,539.
• Darwin to Melbourne range from $187 to 1,288.
• Darwin to Sydney range from $244 to $1,659.
• Canberra to Melbourne range from $119 to $699.
• Canberra to Sydney range from $104 to $569.

Melbourne in some cases is less expensive, but in other cases may be pricier. Ultimately, most travellers will do best flying into the city most convenient to their final travel destination.

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Your Broome Accommodation Options

Camels on the Beach, Broome, Western Australia

A Broome sunset in Australia like no other

Broome is a colorful tropical land that grew out of a somewhat seedy pearling town. Brothels and opium dens once lined the streets of this multicultural frontier town, but eventually it began to transform into the spectacular tourist draw it is today.

Broome’s stark contrasts between red rock and white sand, hot desert and cool water, and modern resorts and ancient dinosaur footprints are enough to attract both the everyday tourist in search of rest and relaxation and the intrepid explorer in search of adventure and excitement. If you are looking for Broome hotel accommodation, you have plenty of options from which to choose.

The weather in Broome tends to be pleasant regardless of the time of year you schedule your visit. Temperatures are mild from autumn to spring, and winters are warm, with highs hovering around 29 to 30 degrees Celsius.

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Drive Your Travel Safely In Australia

Are you looking forward to a scheduled holiday Down Uner? Australia is known for its vast expanses of land, idyllic beaches, and scenic highways, and fun is likely your number one priority. Safety should be just as high on your list of priorities, however. You can still be safe while living on the edge.

Where are you headed: cosmopolitan Sydney, distant Alice Springs, the exotic Whitsunday Islands, or the rain forests of Tasmania? Even though you are virtually guaranteed a thrilling adventure, you will need a reliable resource to help you get the most out of your holiday trip. You won’t need to waste time rifling through travel pamphlets and guides when you have a website like Travel Safely in Australia just a mouse click away.

Travel Safely in Australia provides you with valuable tips and insights on making the most of your time in the country and staying safe.

Tips include:
• Rules of the road
The government reminds travellers that Australians drive on the left side of the road, and the law mandates that seatbelts be worn. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol has serious penalties. Drivers should also take frequent rest breaks to avoid driving while overtired.

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The Traveller in Australia

The Yarra River in cosmopolitan Melbourne.

The Yarra River in cosmopolitan Melbourne.

From the moment you step off the plane as a traveller in Australia, you will find yourself in what seems to be an entirely different world. Australia is a land filled with remarkable creatures, spectacular landscapes, and a heady mix of glittery cosmopolitan cities and a vast and virtually untamed outback. What is it like to travel to Australia?

Do you like your adventures rough? The Outback awaits. This vast land spreads out like a tapestry embroidered in rich ochres, deep crimsons, and brilliant indigos, resulting in a virtual orgy of beauty. Lose yourself in Aboriginal cultures, or find yourself at the base of Uluru or amongst the Devil’s Marbles. Head towards Katherine Gorge for a different kind of Outback adventure, where you can kayak through deep gorges or trek through rain forests. It’s all there in the Australian Outback.

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Surfing In Australia

surfers walking Maroubra beach, Sydney

Surfing is a way of life in Australia.

Australia has 11,000 beaches and 36,735 kilometres of coastline just waiting to be explored. Some of its beaches are ideal for snorkelling and diving; others are ideal for whale watching or turtle spotting. Longer beaches may attract dedicated walkers and joggers, but surfers in Australia and around the world are attracted to those beaches with the best waves.

Sydney is known for its beaches, and a dedicated surfer is sure to find a spot to surf on virtually any of those beaches. Bondi Beach may well be the best known beach in Sydney, but it tends to be quite crowded at times. Manly Beach, on the other hand, is known as the birthplace of Australian surfing and has been named a World Surfing Reserve site for its consistently good surf.

Prevelly Park, about 10 kilometres from Margaret River, is world-renowned for its surfing. Monster waves, clear blue water, and consistently pleasant ocean temperatures draw dedicated surfers year round, but surfs tend to be best throughout the winter and spring months.

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Locating The Cheapest Flights To Sydney

Flying into Sydney with the knowledge of seeing one of the graet bridges on the planet.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Southern Pylon

Have you been researching how to find the cheapest flights to Sydney and planning your itinerary? Although Sydney has a laid-back beachy culture, it’s also got plenty going on no matter when you visit. What you want to experience will largely determine the best time to visit this amazing, world-class city.

Although Australian summers tend to be quite hot, they’re also the height of beach season. From December through February, you’ll find people surfing, swimming, and sunning on Bondi, Whale, Manly, and other famous Sydney beaches. Street performances, festivals, and exhibits keep the city alive with cultural events.

As the weather cools in autumn, it brings plenty more festivities. The annual Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras tends to conclude in the early days of March,with St. Patrick’s Day coming later. The beach is still an option for much of the season, and other favourite activities include Harbour cruises or the Bridge climb, day trips to the Blue Mountains, shopping in Paddington, or a night out in King’s Cross.

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Finding Apartment Accommodation In Sydney

a very modern bathroom with your Sydney furnished accommodation

Furnished rental Sydney with Furnished Properties

There are a lot of reasons to come to Sydney, Australia. It is one of the top business cities in the Asia-Pacific region and a major centre for finance and commerce in Australia. It’s a portal of knowledge, home to some of the most prominent universities in Australia. It’s a lovely city, with attractions and activities sure to appeal to gap year students, tourists, couples, families, and anyone on holiday.

Still, visitors to this incredible city have one basic need regardless of the reason for their visit. They need apartment accommodation in Sydney. A variety of accommodations are available in Sydney to meet the needs of their many visitors, from hostels to five star hotels. However, for those staying for longer periods of time, furnished or executive apartments in Sydney are often a more comfortable and affordable option.

Furnished apartments can be rented throughout the city and in its suburbs. through such rental agents as Furnished Properties Pty Ltd. Apartments in Sydney’s CBD can provide visitors with quick and easy access to the busy heart of the city with its glittering skyscrapers and cultural institutions like the Theatre Royal and the Museum of Sydney.

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Looking For News On Australia Travel?

The long beaches in Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia.

The long beaches in Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia.

Travelling across the globe is a major investment of your time and money. That’s why you can really benefit from a website like Totally Australia. Totally Australia provides you with all the travel news in Australia you need to make flight arrangements, book your accommodations, and plan your trip.

Do you need to learn how to find the lowest fares on flights to Australia? We can help with that, whether you are planning your trip weeks in advance or waiting until the last minute. Flights in Australia regularly travel amongst the major cities and provide you with the quickest method of transport from one end of the country to the other.

Perhaps you need help deciding between Sydney and Melbourne or Alice Springs and Coober Pedy. We’ve got the information that can help you narrow down your choices. Each Australian city has so much to offer, it can be hard to decide. We’ll tell you what each has to offer in terms of attractions and activities, nightlife, beaches and adventures, and natural beauty.

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Where To Find Australia Flights & Accommodation

a sunset in the Northern Territory capital city, Darwin

Some of the best sunsets in the world are experienced in Australia.

When you’re travelling through Australia, you have many different options when it comes to travel sites, however is a good source to start with for flights and accommodation in Australia. Flights in Australia go to all major and capital cities, providing a fast and reliable way to travel long distances. You’ll spend less time travelling and more time exploring and enjoying everything Australia has to offer.

Most cities in Australia provide a variety of public transportation options, like trains, buses, and cars, for their residents and visitors. Buses, or coaches, often offer tours for tourists and other travellers and can be an economical solution for those who prefer to leave the driving responsibilities to someone else.

Larger cities often have light rail systems and ferries as well as special tourist routes to help keep traffic flowing smoothly. Of course, privately owned or hired cars and taxis are also always an option. Australia’s roads are well maintained and provide some of the most beautiful driving routes in the world.

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Before You Book Your Flight Down Under

The world renown Sydney harbour Bridge

The one and only Sydney Harbour Bridge

Australia was once only occupied by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who spoke hundreds of different languages and dialects. Their cultures and traditions varied widely, and they believed that humans, animals, trees, and rocks were all interconnected and that the land had a deep, spiritual significance. Many in Asia had trading relationships with the indigenous inhabitants of Australia for centuries, but it wasn’t until Captain James Cook claimed the continent for the British Crown that the country began to evolve into what it is today.

Extraordinary Australia is the location for everything you need to know about the Commonwealth of Australia, including advice on Australian travel and accommodations. Head over to for further information. When you are travelling in Australia, it is important to note that Australia is a constitutional monarchy comprised of six states and several territories. Each state and major territory has its own parliament responsible for voting on any laws that are introduced, while the executive branch enacts the laws and the judiciary enforces them.

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My First Trip to Australia

After booking my flight to Australia, one thing on the agenda was driving the Great Ocean Road.

The drive on the Great Ocean Road in southern Australia, is quite spectacular.

This is my first trip to Australia. I had a lot of high hopes on my flight to Australia, a lot of dreams. I didn’t know what to expect, but I really wanted this holiday to be something special.

It’s funny how most times your experiences don’t really live up to your expectations. My trip so far, though, has been everything I’ve hoped for and more. Firstly I landed in Sydney, which is noted for beautiful, balmy weather and sunny, sandy beaches. I could have spent forever there, soaking up the relaxing atmosphere or enjoying the whirlwind of its nightlife, but there’s so much more to Australia than Sydney.

Driving along the Great Ocean Road was an eye-opening experience. It’s actually a war memorial, built by Australian soldiers and dedicated to the casualties of World War I. If the spectacular views weren’t enough to make the Great Ocean Road worth driving, the romantic history of the road itself is. Shipwreck Coast, for instance, is said to be responsible for more than 50 tragic wrecks, and is a sobering, if lovely, stretch of coastline along the road.

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What Can You Expect in Sydney?

Aftre you arrive from your flight to Sydney, one walk that has to be done is up to the Sydney Opera House.

One of the sails from the Sydney Opera House

According to an Aboriginal Dreamtime legend, Meehni, Wimplah, and Gennedoo once lived in the Jamison Valley of the Blue Mountains. These three sisters had fallen in love with brothers from another tribe, and tribal laws forbade them to marry. The brothers abducted the sisters, triggering a terrible war. In an attempt to protect the sisters, a witch doctor turned them to stone. Tragically, he was killed before he could restore them, and The Three Sisters remain today, magnificent pillars of stone, in Katoomba, a drive about two hours west of Sydney.

Searching, finding and finally booking international flights to Sydney will no doubt play a key role in your travel plans to this one-of-a-kind world class city, where you can explore The Three Sisters, Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge, Bondi Beach, and so much more. You’ll be flying into Sydney Airport, either on a domestic or international flight, and you will be able to take advantage of a variety of convenient transportation options to your accommodations, including taxis and limousine services, light rail, or buses.

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Everything You Ought To Know About Domestic Flights In Australia

After you have booked your domestic flight in Australia you can enjoy thinking about walking through The Rocks, Sydney.

A visit to The Rocks area of Sydney is a must on your visit to Sydney, Australia.

A holiday in Australia can be an exciting experience, with enough cultural attractions, adventures, Aboriginal history, and natural splendour to appeal to anyone. Whether you are planning to travel to or across Australia, the country is so vast you will likely need to fly at some point. Cheap domestic flights in Australia accounted for more than 16 million overnight trips in 2008. Nearly 80 percent of available plane seats were filled that same year, keeping Australian airlines busy and Australian airways crowded.

Capital city airports in every state and territory and local airports facilitate domestic travel, helping you get from point A to B easily and comfortably. Qantas, Jetstar, Tiger Airways(grounded until 1 August), and Virgin are some of the top carriers in the country. Whether you are headed to one of Australia’s cosmopolitan capitals, like Sydney or Melbourne, or off to seek adventure in one of the country’s lesser known wonders, you can get out and see as much as you can by taking advantage of domestic flights to reach your destinations.

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Will Great Barrier Reef Survive?

the survival of Australia's, Great Barrier Reef, one of the natural wondres of our planet.

One of the seven natural wonders of the world, Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia.

Of all Australia’s natural wonders, the Great Barrier Reef just may be the most spectacular. With almost 3,000 reef systems stretching across 2,600 kilometres, this World Heritage Site is a fragile ecosystem in which all its thousands of species of plants and animals play an integral role. We are naturally drawn to the beauty of the reef, one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World.

Sadly, while many are working hard to protect the Great Barrier Reef as a marine sanctuary, bigger threats loom on the horizon in the form of global warming and poor water quality. Water quality is negatively affected by runoff. Rubbish, oil, sediment, fertiliser, pesticides, chemicals, and even sewage spill into rivers and ultimately into the Great Barrier Reef, where they threaten the life there.

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Visiting the Rock

Uluru, or Ayers Rock, is one of the great natural wonders of the world. The ancient island mountain, the red centre of Australia, rises starkly up from the flat lands surrounding it. Uluru is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia, with 350,000 visitors flocking to it annually. There are many travel websites that provide up to date travel and tour package information including

Uluru is the ancestral property of the Anangu, who regard it as a place of spiritual significance. Uluru plays a significant role in the indigenous Australian’s Dreamtime creation myths. Although many people arrive at Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park eager to conquer this prehistoric monolith, they are often shocked to discover that while climbing Uluru is not prohibited, it is discouraged due to the sacred tradition associated with the site.

The Anagu have more than their cultural beliefs to discourage the climb. With more than 100,000 tourists attempting the climb every year, the pathway has eroded and continues to erode. Because there are no toilet facilities available on Uluru’s top, bacteria levels in the water pools at the base of the rock tend to be very high. The environmental strain has had a negative impact on wildlife in the area and has literally changed the face of the structure.

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Everything You Should Know About Exploring Katherine Gorge

what is it to escape to the Katherine Gorge in the Northern Territory of Australia?

Exploring the beauty of the Katherine Gorge, Northern Territory, Australia.

About 300 miles north of Darwin lies a part of Australia exceptionally rich in wildlife, with picturesque rock walls and spectacular waterfalls where rivulets gouged their way through rock creating what is now known as Katherine Gorge. Katherine Gorge located in the Nitmiluk National Park is a world-renowned system of 13 gorges in total.

Visitors can explore Katherine Gorge by boat, canoe, or even helicopter. Swimming or walking can bring an even closer look, giving guests of Katherine Gorge a thrilling peek at the fresh water crocodiles and, during the wet season, their larger saltwater cousins, and unusual birds and the other creatures that call this amazing place home.

The dry season in Katherine Gorge runs from April to October, bringing with it quiet waters ideal for idyllic canoe rides or easy swimming. Several boat cruises of varying length can get you from here to there with ease. The wet season brings more active waters, and though your options for exploring the waters of the gorge may be more limited, the stunning rapids more than make up for it.

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What Is It to Explore Australia?

the long drive on the road to the red centre of Australia and Uluru.

On the road to the red centre and Uluru, Northern Territory, Australia.

Whether you live in Australia or you are just visiting, there is a lot you need to know about exploring Australia. This is a country equal in landmass to the United States and is one of the most ecologically diverse and unique countries in the world, with outback, reef, and rainforests to provide the adventure of a lifetime.

Those who are looking for the action and excitement of outdoor activities can choose from caving, canyoning, rock climbing, parasailing, abseiling, or skiing. You can ride a camel through the red sands of Alice Springs, bushwalk through the rainforests of Tasmania, or go kayaking through Katherine Gorge. If quiet-paced outdoor activities are more your style, you can choose from golf at the Melbourne Sandbelt in Victoria, or go deep sea fishing in the Gulf of St. Vincent.

The Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney offer the opportunity to closely examiner Australia’s native flora and even some fauna and learn more about conservation efforts on this stunningly beautiful continent. Australia’s often one-of-a-kind wildlife can be studied closely on Kangaroo Island, where fairy penguins, fur seals, and of course kangaroos abound.

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